About Vnicorn

     VNICORN is the first PETA-certified cruelty-free, vegan fashion brand from Taiwan. No animal material is used at all during the process of production, and building the first slow/green/ethical fashion brand in Taiwan is what we've been working for.

     The designer loves exercise and outdoor activities, is obsessed with fashion and design but hates dressy heels and anything that constains the body movement. Therefore, all designs are created to be unique, chic as well as comfortable.


     Through each detail, VNICORN hopes to raise an awareness: "Fashion shouldn't have come from the tears of animals."


     VNICORN 為台灣第一獲得美國 PETA 認證的無殘忍 (cruelty-free)、無動物成分 (vegan) 的服飾品牌。所有服飾皆不使用動物成分,以台灣第一個兼具「慢時尚」、「綠色時尚」、「道德時尚」的服飾品牌為設計宗旨。




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