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(中文 FAQ 請往下)

1. How to become a Vnicorn VIP?

    Customer after any amount of purchase may apply for our VIP

membership and starts enjoying all VIP privileges from the next order

you place. 


2. What are my VIP privileges?

    1) 10% off retail price in the birthday month.

    2) Preview of design before release.

    3) New design reservation and 10% off presale order.

    4) Repair & alternation may be available in a reasonable range.

        (Man-made damage isn't included) 

    5) VIP discount is available during holiday sales


3. What is the PETA-certification Vnicorn has?

     PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of

Animals) is the largest animal rights

organization in the world and has international

affiliates in Europe, Asia, and the America. 

     All companies that use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo must

sign PETA’s statement of assurance verifying that their products are 

vegan. There are plenty of PETA-certified fashion brands that are

vegan and animal-friendly in the western market, while Vnicorn is honored to be the first approved by PETA in Taiwan.


4. What is "vegan"?

     Veganism is a lifestyle against the use all animal products and by-products such as leather, fur, silk, wool, animal hair, animal-testing, and anything that disrespects life and animal right ranging in our daily life. It's a life principle advocating equality, freedom, and compassion.


5. Why vegan?

     Humans are animals too and we believe all lives are equal, so we do not think the human supremacy over nonhuman animals is ethical, and neither is the use of animals as products or objects. 

     Humans in such a civilized era can live a very rich life without harming other animals and pursue a greater peace. We can still style and dress ourselves however we like, not using the materials obtained under violence and abuse towards animals. Supporting vegan products is an eco-friendly, peaceful and responsible way of living.

1. 如何成為 Vnicorn VIP?

    在首次購買設計之後,即有資格升級為 VIP 會員,會員折扣從下次購物開始生效。


2. VIP 可獨享哪些權益?(請參考右上圖)

    1) 壽星當月,購物 9 折

    2) 可在新品上市前,預先瀏覽新品目錄

    3) 可享有新品預訂及預購折扣

    4) 合理範圍內,提供維修調整服務(人為破壞不在此限)

    5) VIP 折扣可與一般優惠同時使用(例:一般 95 折,再打 VIP 9 折)

3. Vnicorn 得到的 國際 「PETA 認證」代表什麼?

    善待動物組織(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,

簡稱 PETA )是全球最大的動物權利組織,在歐亞、美洲全球各地


    所有授權使用 PETA vegan 標誌的服飾品牌都需簽署 PETA 的專屬合約,證明所有產品皆為

vegan,100% 不使用動物成分。已發展歐美國家中有許多時尚品牌具有 PETA 的 vegan 認證,例:Iron Fist, Matt & NAt, Urban Expressions,證明品牌理念支持動物平權,友善且不傷害動物,而 Vnicorn 是台灣第一個具備此認證的服飾品牌。


4. 「Vegan」 是什麼意思?

     Vegan (vee-gən),一般稱「純素主義」,源自歐美,是一種反對傷害動物、不使用動物製品或副產品的生活方式。Vegan 拒絕的材質包含但不限於「動物皮革、皮草、蠶絲、羊毛、其他動物毛髮,或經過動物實驗」的商品,在食衣住行各方面皆是如此,是種推動平等、自由、有愛心的生活原則。


5. 我們為何該選購 vegan 商品?


     在現今文明社會中,人類可以在完全不傷害動物的情況下,享受非常豐富的生活品質,同時追求更高的和平。 支持 vegan 商品是種環保、和平、負責的生活態度。